Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Invoice Templates

Yes we do, We know that most businesses repeat the same steps to create a new invoice, with only a few invoice templates for most product or service sales. With the "invoice Templates" feature, in one click you can load pre-set data into any new invoice you are creating, and literally within seconds you can have a completely new invoice ready to be sent to your client.

Can the Items & Products be saved?

Yes of course every template invoice it will be saved in the system automatically. Plus you can add any number of ‘pre-set’ products or services with descriptions, prices, taxes and more. When creating an invoice, simply select any of your saved items to make the process fast and easy.

What are the features in the software?

CMTLS cloud software has the ability to create and manage businesses, invoices, estimates, customers, tax & expenses. Users also can create multiple businesses with different currencies so they can easily keep track of their businesses in one platform.

Can i build a successful business with this?

Indeed Business wise currency & invoices Manage Products Manage Vendors Manage Expenses Create & Manage Estimates Create & Manage Invoices Create & Manage Recurring Invoices Our Customer based currency options Multiple templates for invoices & estimat

Is my businessand my client information is save?

We mke sure our system is sercure and updated. Such as Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention, Password Hashing.